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Brandon Cronenberg’s stylish sci-fi thriller cements his style through an unsettling, violent thriller deliver by top-notch performances.

Andrea Riseborough stars as an assassin who infiltrates the minds of targeted victims through brain implants, encountering a unique challenge when she becomes torn between herself and her latest vessel, played by Christopher Abbot. Both Riseborough and Abbot are sensational throughout Possessor: Uncut, embracing the multilayered messaging of the film’s premise as well as the gore. In a world where just about every vapes, technology has seemingly gone too far and destroyed any ounce of privacy that once existed, revealing a raw vulnerability for each of the characters. Cronenberg’s script expertly balances each characteristic of this original outing, never quite feeling as though this is something you have seen before. Instead, he has crafted a complex sci-fi film that treads into horror-thriller territory, all the while maintaining focus his actors’ poignant performances.

This isn’t a film for everyone; there are many cover-your-face moments that are excessive, but oddly fit. As Possessor progresses, it can be a bit difficult to keep track of exactly what is going on, who you are seeing (as the mind has been infiltrated), and what the ultimate point of the story is, but it is certainly a film that begs a rewatch. Cronenberg is going to be a giant in film.

Rating: 4/5

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