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Shawn Cauthen is quickly becoming my favorite storyteller, expertly walking viewers through the origins of Netflix, a company that flew under the radar for years before becoming the behemoth it is today, in Netflix vs. The World.

A proper documentary is going to feature the major players that were present for the events discussed and depicted. Cauthen has identified most here (with current CEO Reed Hastings noticeably absent) to walk through the early days of concept development for the now-streamer while exploring the many pivots the company made along the way. Most interesting, I’m my opinion, is the inclusion of Blockbuster Video executives who provide an outside perspective on their unexpected rival. These interviews leave no stone unturned and paint an unbiased picture that ultimately avoids falling into the inevitable business drama, leaving distractions on the cutting room floor. What results is a tight, loaded documentary packed with information that paints a case study of a true American success story.

Catch Netflix vs. The World on Amazon Prime Video today.

Rating: 5/5

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