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A story of jealousy, pressure, and corruption from an otherworldly force, Nocturne has few high-points in an otherwise familiar story akin to Black Swan.

Uber-talented musical twins find themselves at odds in their school for the performing arts when one finds a notebook that belonged to a deceased classmate, leading to history repeating itself. As an allegory for the impact of external expectations and internal desire on the human psyche, Nocturne makes its point early on. The supernatural twist here is one that leaves a lot of for interpretation with debate possible as to the very existence of this mystic influence versus what could be argued as a psychotic break of the main protagonist. Beyond the deeper meaning, Nocturne hits well-worn notes in an otherwise prescriptive story; you know where things are going, you just have to wait to see how the pieces fit. 

Writer/director Zu Quirke is clearly a talented storyteller and, given the proper story and budget, is likely to be a name we talk about again in the future. Even the leads (Sydney Sweeney and Madison Iseman) deliver in their performances as competing twin teens. But much like the other films released thus far in the “Welcome to the Blumhouse” series, I just wanted more.

Nocturne s available today on Amazon Prime Video.

Rating: 2/5

Photo from The Arizona Republic

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