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Dylan O’Brien leads this mediocre outing about the lengths we will go for love… in a monster apocalypse. While not a bad movie per say, it certainly takes influences from many other films to render a forgettable story saved only by O’Brien’s acting.

Love and Monsters follows O’Brien’s Joel, forced underground 7 years prior when monsters attacked and his parents fell victim. When he reconnects with his high school girlfriend (Jessica Henwick), he embarks on a dangerous journey to her colony. An interesting premise falls largely flat in this one-note film that has the aura of Warm Bodies mixed with Cloverfield, Bird Box, and Tremors, finished off with a touch of lesser Zombieland humor. Aside from the always fun Michael Rooker making an appearance and a young Ariana Greenblatt stealing the scenes that she is in, the rest of the cast is simply fine. Dylan O’Brien flexes some range here, a welcome change from previous roles, but doesn’t have much to work with. 

The overall aesthetic of Love and Monsters is a mashup of Mad Max and Hook, sprinkled with boring monsters that all look similar, though the graphics are executed well. The whole thing seems rather familiar and, as a result, the exciting moments of viewing are fleeting. A disappointing watch, unfortunately, with a concept that could have been something big.

Rating: 2/5

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