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EVIL EYE (2020)

Aside from the solid performances from each of the actors involved, Evil Eye is a sluggish endeavor that is neither interesting nor surprising.

When a young woman (Sunita Mani) meets who she believes to be the love of her life, her mother (Sarita Choudhury) suspects that the new boyfriend (Omar Maskati) may be connected to her own past. Evil Eye’s most compelling attribute is that it is culturally poignant and beautiful, showcasing an Indian family rarely seen on screen in the United States. The rest of the film sadly lacks originality, suspense, and any sense of surprise; you can sense the ending from mere moments in. 

Evil Eye would have worked better as an episode of a television procedural or one with a different approach to the supernatural each week. As a feature film, it simply does not work. As a vehicle for showcasing young actors Mani and Maskati, I am thankful. For everything else that Evil Eye has to offer, it is better left unwatched.

Evil Eye is available today on Amazon Prime Video.

Rating: 1/5

Photo from GQ India

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