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A home invasion leads to a nightmarish cat and mouse game for a strained couple in By Night’s End, an uneven , but fun ride takes viewers on a rollercoaster of intrigue and action.

Michelle Rose (Avengers) and Kurt Yue (The Haunting of Hill House) play homeowners who kill a home intruder searching for something left behind. Believing that there is money hidden somewhere on their property, the couple chooses to wait before calling the police, leading to the arrival of sketchy figures and a night of life-threatening events. By Night’s End doesn’t do anything to reinvent the genre, using a basic concept to build the mystery and intensity with a few original twists thrown in. While the acting is spot on, the story isn’t quite fleshed out in a satisfying way; aside from the main characters, you don’t learn anything about the intruders, nor does the real reason they’re present get anything but a late passing mention. 

Rose is particularly fun to watch as an old military sergeant who knows how to expertly wield a gun, leading to exhilarating action sequences that are reminiscent of scenes from the Jason Bourne films. Villain Michael Aaron Milligan (Ozark) is a viable villain of devious intent, even while delivering some truly corny lines that threaten to unmask his evilness. Though the budget was clearly small, the film handles itself well and delivers, maybe not the most thrilling of films, but a fine watch in the end. 

By Night’s End hits VOD next week. Watch the trailer below!

Rating: 3/5

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