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BLACK BOX (2020)

I’m sensing a theme with these Welcome To The Blumhouse films… none are particularly captivating and great, but their each simply alright, following the structure of leading viewers down one path and throwing a twist in there to mix it up. Black Box is a fine movie that plays with Inception-like ideas mixed with medical breakthroughs around memory regeneration, interesting enough to make it worth the watch.

Mahmoudou Athie stars as a father who was in an accident that resulted in the loss of his memory. As he desperately tries to do whatever he can to regain in and raise his daughter, he turns to a doctor (Phylicia Rashad) for an experimental hypnosis treatment that proves to have unexpected results. Athie is a remarkable actor, carrying this film forward as he is given the opportunity to explore a range of emotions in his portrayal. Still, however, there are times where Black Box lags, lulling you into a boredom that ratchets up the intrigue, but perhaps a bit too late. When you get a clear picture of what is actually happening, it seems rather soap opera-ish, perhaps due to the shallow script that fails to really explain the background of the technology at the center of the film.

As far as the film itself goes, it is not a bad one. The reveals along the way, when they do finally occur, are fascinating, though it leaves you with a feeling of wanting more.

Black Box is available to stream today on Amazon Prime Video.

Rating: 3/5

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