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Road rage turns deadly in this demented, utterly insane thriller that is equal parts intense and ridiculous.

The basic plot is that a struggling woman (Caren Pistorius) honks her car horn at the wrong guy (Russell Crowe) who is just coming from committing murder, leading to a violent day of cat and mouse. That’s the whole plot. How this film snagged Crowe to star as the absolutely crazed aggressive driver who has simply snapped is beyond me. The script is thin and the dialogue uninspired in Unhinged, though Pistorius and Crowe let loose and deliver fairly decent performances.

In a world without COVID-19, this would be a small theater film that would be in and out of cinemas in a blink of an eye, destined to be a premium channel replay for years to come. Instead, with limited offerings on the big screen, Unhinged is given a life that I am confident it wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s not the worst thing out there, and it certainly keeps your attention, but the concept is simply so unbelievable and aimed at producing shock value that you can’t help but go along for the ride.

Rating: 3/5

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