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TENET (2020)

Christopher Nolan’s latest film is a mesmerizing spectacle that serves as a reminder of why the theatrical viewing experience is so special. Though lacking in the story department, and ignoring my aversion to the inaudible mumbling that seems that permeate every Nolan film, Tenet delivers the thrills and excitement as promised.

John David Washington plays a CIA agent who ends up on a mission to stop a cataclysmic world event, navigating time to do so. You’re immediately thrown into the well-treaded Nolan film territory of accepting the premise without much explanation with a “yeah, sure, okay” that without would ruin the rest of the film. Accepting the thin premise allows for maximum enjoyment of this action-packed, intelligent, expertly-acted solid entry in the filmography of one of the most tantalizing directors out there. Washington absolutely carries the film as the lead, assisting in the unpacking of the plot points necessary to keep up with the fast-paced progression of the story. Unlike previous Nolan films, Tenet doesn’t really wallow in any down time; every scene pushes the envelope and keeps you engrossed. Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki also star, with the former continuing his run of stellar performances and the latter embodying her character, though with not much to work with. 

Like any Nolan film, repeat viewings are going to be necessary to unpack everything Tenet has to offer. The pieces of the film’s puzzle come together in the end, linking seemingly superfluous details from early on to the overall climax, leaving a lot for viewers to ponder. In the end, while not the best the filmmaker has to offer (I still believe Inception is his top), Nolan’s latest extravaganza is a must-see on the big screen that pushes the boundaries of cinematic storytelling with a fresh perspective.

Rating: 4/5

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