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Action Park seems like it was an absolute blast of an experience… if you’re into breaking limbs, getting cut by teeth stuck inside a slide, and even dying. Jokes aside, the management of this New Jersey attraction was brazenly inept, responsible for taking advantage of a carefree time and limited oversight to create an adventurous destination that left many with lasting effects. 

The New Jersey waterpark was a must-visit destination for many in the state, touting wild attractions that ultimately were born out of half-witted ideas by an unqualified owner, resulting in structurally unsound and unsafe experiences. In a sense, Class Action Park is a time capsule look at what many consider a simpler time, the visual representation of “back in my day” comments from the generations before us. With interviews from many who worked at the park and those who attended, this documentary takes viewers on a journey from the conception of the idea to the lasting legacy remembered today for the dangers presented.

This is not an easy watch due to the fact that there was life lost due to the ignorance of those involved in the operations of Action Park. Lawsuits, settlements, citations… all ignored or paid out without much change, contributed to the unsafe aura that the park rightfully took on. Today, of course, compliance standards and protocols seek to prevent the types of incidents that became synonymous with the supposed fun attractions, but it took this type of boundary-pushing, testing of the limits, to get where we are today. Regardless, a fascinating explanation of how we as people ignore warnings and stories in search of that thrilling feeling.

Class Action Park is available on HBO Max.

Rating: 4/5

Photo from Vulture

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